Find the Best Narrator for Your Book!

You’ve poured time and effort into writing your book. Now, you want to open it up to a bigger audience by creating an audiobook version. More people than ever are listening to audiobooks, and it’s a great way for people to multi-task and “read” while they’re in the car, at work, at the gym, on a walk, cleaning the house, taking a break, or any of a multitude of other activities.

When you’re looking for a voice artist to narrate your audiobook, you’ll want someone who:

  1. Is easy to communicate with and who works to understand your unique requests
  2. Uses professional, high-quality recording equipment
  3. Has a lot of experience in recording audio – specifically voiceovers
  4. Knows how to produce an audiobook to industry standards regarding volume, noise floor and ceiling, compression, limiting, etc.
  5. Has a voice that suits your writing style

Darren Marlar fits the first four criteria. The fifth is up to you to decide.  One of Darren’s specialties is bringing characters to life in fictional stories using a variety of different and distinct character voices, helping your audiobook listener more easily identify the individual characters in your story.  Yet Darren also has a lot of experience with documentary and non-fiction narration, meaning he can bring your well-written and researched factual words forth with confidence and authority.  Darren has worked with numerous authors in many genres — everything from horror, to biographies, to self-help, even children’s stories — always providing a high-quality audio recording and bringing the story or text alive with his voiceover and voice acting expertise.  Click here to get a list of audiobooks narrated by Darren Marlar that are available on Amazon/Audible, complete with free samples to listen to!  Interested in hiring Darren Marlar for your project?  Email him at

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